What To Expect

New to the Vineyard? Don’t panic! Here’s what to expect when you visit:

Refreshments – Relax and enjoy your time here with a free cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. Drinks are allowed in the meeting area, so feel free to bring your drink in with you!

Children – Here at the Vineyard, our desire is to offer a safe place for every child to know God’s love in a fun, practical and hands-on way.  Currently we offer Sunday School for Toddlers through 4th grade each Sunday and 5-8th grade on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. All ages join the main service for worship and are released to class at that time. The first Sunday of  each month all ages are invited to jon us in the service with no children’s ministry offered. For more information, check out our children’s ministry page.

Make Yourself at Home – Feel free to sit anywhere. You may like to sit at the back or grab a seat closer to the front, it’s up to you!  The morning service lasts about 80-90 minutes. If you need to leave during the service, nobody will complain if you slip out discreetly. Restrooms are located through the door on the left side of the sanctuary and down the hall.

Worship/Communion- Service begins at 10:00 am. with about 30 minutes of worship music. Feel free to sit, stand, clap, raise your hands or kneel. Please worship in whatever way you feel most comfortable. Don’t worry, we didn’t know all the songs at first, either. Communion is typically shared on the first Sunday of the month. After worship, we pray for the children (first through 6th grade) and they are dismissed to go to their classes.

Practical Teaching – Plan on about 35-40 minutes for some practical teaching from the Bible.  You can follow along on the screen or take notes on the back of your bulletin.  If you need a Bible, extra copies are available on the lobby table. You are welcome to take one if you don’t own one already.
Ministry Time – At the end of each service we offer to pray for anyone who would like prayer. Please feel free to respond. We may not know you well, but God does!